Tomato is one of the most cultivated and valued vegetable crops globally. Despite overall growth in production, average yield is low in India at around 20 tons/hectare (ha), compared to the world average of 33 tons/ha and China at about 48 tons/ha.

Diseases are one of the major challenges in tomato cultivation globally and in India. There are no control measures after disease outbreak for diseases caused by viruses. Major crop losses are caused by Tospo (GBNV) (up to 80%), Bacterial Wilt and Ty Virus. Breeding for disease resistance is the best strategy to control these diseases.

Tospo - An established Threat: Tospo (GBNV) is one of the most destructive diseases in Tomato in South Asia and South East Asia. It infects the plant from early to late stages and causes yield and quality losses ranging from 50% to 80% due to plant death and/or fruits becoming unfit for marketing. No hybrid or variety with tolerance to Tospo (GBNV) virus has been commercialised till date in South Asia and South East Asia.

We @ Tierra have successfully transferred genetic resistance to Groundnut Bud Necrosis Virus (GBNV) from wild species Solanum peruvianum to cultivated tomato & our first top cross hybrids are under evaluation in Kharif 2015. We expect our hybrids for GBNV resistance to be ready for commercialisation by end of 2016. Currently, we are undertaking Marker discovery for Tospo (GBNV) in collaboration with seqID Inc, Canada and the markers are set to be ready by November 2015.

Tospo affected tomatoes

Apart from breeding for development of Tospo (GBNV) tolerant products, other research priorities and product pipeline at Tierra include products tolerant to Bacterial wilt, multiple Ty gene based TLCV resistance, long shelf life & transportability etc. For product and trait licensing enquiries kindly contact here.

Hybrid Plant Habit Fruit Shape Fruit Firmness* Fruit Weight (g) TLCV ** Remarks
TS4501 Semi Determinate Round 4 90 - 120 R High Grade 1 Fruits
TS4502 Semi Determinate Round 4 90 - 120 R High Grade 1 Fruits
TS4503 Indeterminate Oval 4.5 15 - 20 R Cocktail (Cherries), Deep Red
TS4504 Semi Determinate Round to Plums 4.5 90 - 120 HR Deep Red, Excellent stay green
TS4505 Semi Determinate Sq Round 4 80 - 110 R Deep Red
TS4506 Semi Determinate Sq Round 3.5 70 - 100 R Bact wilt tolerant, Stay green
TS4507 Semi Determinate Sq Round 4 80 - 100 HR Deep Red, Excellent Stay Green

*1 - Poor ; 5 - Very Firm      **R - Resistant, HR - High resistance